how to connect with Generation Z

Date : Tuesday, 11th of May
Start livestream: 9:30 a.m.

Young people have nothing to say about what we see in the cinema. Time for a change! At Generation Z they determine what is projected on the big screen. Cinemahub for Generation Z is a European cooperation project between three partners: Le Gyptis in Marseille, Kinograph in Brussels and Oxville Cinema in Amsterdam.

Generation Z aims to create a new film and cultural offer by involving young people in the programming activity. These experiences position these young Europeans as more than mere spectators. Today, cinemas need to reinvent themselves to attract new generations of film lovers and to present cinema as a place of enrichment to better understand the world and face contradictory perspectives. To do so, the partners have worked directly with target audiences since June 2020.
Mobile screens such as tablets and smartphones are playing an increasingly important role in content consumption. With the Generation Z project, we invite each other to a film experience where young people themselves have a say in how they want to promote their chosen content and bring it to the big screen. In this way they discover its power and the film audience gets to know the big screen in a new way.

To go further in the research and experimentation, the partners have invited experts from the 3 countries at Generation Z: from the mobile to the silver screen on the 11th of May 2021.

We will try to highlight new insights, together with professionals from European cinemas, actors in the field of image education, public authorities and researchers on young people’s practices.

The aim of this event is to share the experience of the project partners, their reflections to feed the debates, share innovative initiatives as well as reflections likely to enable cultural professionals to approach the enlargement of young audiences from new and different angles.